Stretching Across

Another from Brookside Gardens that I struggled to edit. This one admittedly turned out better to me but I still sat there and stared at it for awhile.

I have noticed that I have been into reflections lately. No real idea why. I have figured out how to edit them to give them a lot of detail without masking in the image from above. It basically comes down to dodging and burning and gradient adjustments. No real big secret to it. You want your water reflections to “pop” just dodge them. Sounds counter-intuitive but trust me it works. I learned this from Ming Thein and he’s a far better photographer than I will ever be.

Editing wise I gave away a good chunk of what I did. Gradients and then localized contrast adjustments with dodge and burn. It’s really not hard once you figure it out and you get used to doing it. The biggest challenge is if you never used a Wacom Tablet you are going to struggle with the pen. I really can’t stress how much better your editing will be when you start to use a tablet. I use the cheap version. I had a more expensive one I got as a refurb but I found the cheap one works better and I travel with it. So if you are thinking how do I take my editing to the next level, get a cheap one.


Stretching Across

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  1. The Mom said:

    I love the sun that creates a mirror so the trees, bushes and rocks can see how beautiful they are. I love the shadows. It give one a whole new perspective on any image. I enjoyed!

    December 18, 2016

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