Burst Of Red

If you read my post yesterday you read that I was struggling to edit. I turned on some Tool and opened up another set of images and started to edit. I believe Tool’s – The Pot or Vicarious was on when I was editing this one. Either way, the edits came much easier.

This was one of the first images I shot with the Sony RX10 I purchased. I really like the camera and what I can get out of it. Supposedly it’s the same sensor as the RX100III I own. It just seems I am able to get a bit more out of it versus the RX100. May be just because it’s new to me but I am able to push these images a bit more.

This is more or less straight out of camera. I didn’t mask in layers. I did bump the hue/saturation a bit to get the red to punch a bit more and bring out the yellows of the leaves in the background. I then dodged and burned various areas to do local contract adjustments. I paid attention to the lights just because they lead in towards the leaves. I deliberately left them in the frame when I took the image.


PS – Still listening to Tool as I wrote this. This time Forty Six & 2 and Hooker With A Penis. No, Hooker With A Penis is not about a transgender person. Look up the lyrics and it will make sense.

Burst of Red

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  1. The Mom said:

    I like the photo of late fall. I believe the red leaves belong to the Red Maple. The mature trees around the shorter Red Maples could be the same but I have found that the tallest trees loose their leave before the ones closer to the ground. It is warmer closer to the ground. Would like to know why there is Edison style string lights by the trees? The photographer does not give info on where he was; which is why inquiring minds want to know. I enjoyed!

    December 13, 2016

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