Muddy Waters

This isn’t a post about the Blue’s legend of that name. Instead it’s about the pond water that was muddy after rain. The water was filled with silt from the runoff which turned it brown.

I shot this in early October at Brookside Gardens on a visit there. Was just wandering around with my Nikon D810. I shot everything for HDR but I didn’t process the image that way. The natural way it came out of the camera was just fine.

Editing wise nothing special going on here. I did use layer mask to bring out some color. Then I lowered the opacity. Did some dodging and burning for local contrast and called it done.


PS – Double points if you can spot the turtle.

Muddy Waters

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  1. The Mom said:

    I believe we had a photo earlier with the body of water before a rain and it had shadows reflecting in it. Brown muddy water is not one of beauty. This stirred water from the rain still reflects shadows brought about from the sun after the rain. Pond is most likely man made and most of the soil is probably red clay which when stirred, by the rain, makes for muddy waters. I think the turtle is on the edge of the grass hill in the water on the right side? Curious minds want to know. I enjoyed!

    December 8, 2016

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