Sunset On Fall

This is from Brookside Gardens and was near the end of the day with the light starting to fade and the sun setting over a hill in the distance. I was literally hanging over the creek bed trying not to fall in as I balanced off a rock trying to get this shot.

I should point out that I shot all the Brookside Gardens stuff with a new camera that I purchased. I had been looking at a Sony RX10 (original version) and I finally saw one on eBay at the price point I was looking for. All other buyers were gunshy since the seller had only a few ratings. I took the very low risk since Paypal would handle any dispute and got it.

So far I have been very pleased with the output of this camera. It’s great because I can carry a light kit of one camera and no lenses and reach 24-200 which is mostly what I shoot anyways. While not a full frame sensor like my Sony A7R or Nikon D810 the output is beyond my expectations since it’s the same sensor as my Sony RX100M3.

Editing I didn’t do too much. I bumped the saturation and masked in a bit here and there. It’s mostly straight out of the camera.



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  1. The Mom said:

    I like Sunset on Fall. This really reflects the trees with their colors and how close they were to being bare and ready for the winter weather. The creek bed is almost empty but most likely will fill again from rain and snow. Don’t know if the park is closed during the winter but would love to see a snow photo. This is truly a lovely park to enjoy!

    December 9, 2016

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