Fence In The Woods

There are parts of Meadowlark Gardens that are fenced off to prevent people from walking in them. When I saw the light and all the texture on this portion I figured why not take a picture.

Interestly enough I did this image in monochrome. I wasn’t happy with it. Normally I use monochrome to bring out textures but it just lost something in the conversion. I even did the conversion two different ways and masked in bits and still didn’t like it so I just scrapped it after saving copies.

One I settled on color it the image just seemed to do what I wanted. I did mask in a bit from Intensify CK to bring out the wood textures. I left the leaves and stuff alone since it wasn’t the focal point in the image. Once I was happy I called it done.


Fence In Woods

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  1. The MOM said:

    I like the photo of the Split Rail Fence. Meadowlark Park is a very nice park. I am wondering if the park service put the fence up or whether it was a parcel of land donated to the park that was part of old farmland, therefore having the Split Rail Fence. Maybe one day you will have a photo with a rabbit or another animal in it. That would be nice. I enjoyed!

    November 18, 2016

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