Framing The Pagoda

This is the Korean Pagoda at Meadowlark Gardens. I have always liked the way it looks so whenever I am there I try and take a few photos of it.

The pagoda is very popular at the gardens. There is always someone in it or around it. I was lucky this day because no one was really there because the weather wasn’t great. While extremely sunny it was very windy. So when I saw this framed view I just went ahead and took the photo.

Editing wise I didn’t do too much. My main goal was to get the pagoda to pop. So I masked in a sharpness layer and then dodged and burned to bring out the details that would have been hidden. I then had to bring down the grass a bit since it went nuclear green because of the bright sunlight. So simple edit.


Korean Pagoda


  1. The MOM said:

    The photo is very nice. The Pagoda at Meadowlark Gardens is a very pretty Korean Pagoda. The day looked beautiful and the fall was gently settling in so the trees would rest in the Winter. Very nice. I enjoyed!

    November 18, 2016

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