Fire Behind

The image itself is nothing special. It was me walking out onto my balcony and shooting the sunset behind the apartment building.

I always take an image like this when I want to edit something quickly because I like it personally. It then turns into an hour long exercise in editing because I just keep looking at it and thinking it would look better if I just do this. I was inspired to keep pushing by yamugaLP who I follow on Instagram. He/she does some amazing sky stuff with a iPhone only. I cheated and used a Nikon D810.

Editing wise I can tell you that the finished image looks absolutely nothing like what I shot. I stand by the statement it’s my world and I’ll make it look however I want. The apartment building wasn’t required so I deliberately crushed the blacks using a gradient. Then removed any weird light spots that were there that just didn’t look right visually. I then started to mask in stuff until I was happy. I wanted that sunset to pop damn it! Eventually I had to take my foot off the editing pedal and called it done.


Fire Behind

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  1. The MOM said:

    A very nice sunset. The trees appear fall like with many missing leaves. The sky is nice. Not as much color as some sunsets but I believe this was the beginning of the evening skies. A good way to start the week. I enjoyed.

    November 14, 2016

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