Fall From Above

Working on the 11th floor does have its advantages. Since it’s one of the tallest buildings in the area I have the ability to shoot relatively unobstructed from certain sides of the building so I take the opportunity from time-to-time.

I recently aquired a Tamron 28-300 lens for those times when I need a bit more reach. It was cheap and it gets decent reviews. Sure it won’t match my Sigma Art 24-105 or my Nikon 70-200 in quality but when you need that little extra it will do well enough.

With the Tamron 28-300 on my Nikon D810 I took a few test shots out the window of the building. Some of the blur you may see on the edges could be from the windows not being the cleanest. If there is lack of sharpness it’s also me not being used to handholding a camera much. When I shoot with the big DSLR’s I am 95% of the time on my tripod. Sadly my tripod is in a shipping case somewhere between where I live and Las Vegas. So it was handhold this shot.

For post processing I wanted to saturate the colors but not make them go nuclear. HDR would have done that and many of my usual filters did too. So I found one that I liked and masked it in at a very reduced opacity. I then added bits from Color Efex to bring out a bit more. Just a quick sharpen to bring things out and called it done.


Fall From Above

One thought on “Fall From Above”

  1. A great photo of Fall! The changing of the seasons with the flowers and the colors in the leaves, I really miss. I do not miss the cold that comes with it. It is hard to believe that there are so many beautiful trees in such a tight urban area. I do like your view from your office. The photos this week have been most enjoyable. This is a nice photo to close out the week. I enjoyed!

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