Sunset Behind Chicago

More from the Chicago archives. This was more of a B roll type image but I really liked how the sun was setting behind the Chicago skyline and the way the weird cloud was over the sky.

The walkway isn’t in the most ideal location but I was hampered by a fence that didn’t allow me to place the tripod exactly where I wanted. Hopefully the water will draw your eye more than the walkway. If not then ignore it and look at the sky anyways!

I really wanted a quick edit because I am mildly jetlagged from being on the West Coast of the US for that 10 days. Instead this turned into an hour long odyssey of editing. Multiple masks were applied and I had to do a bit of dodging and burning to bring everything to a point I could stop.


Sunset Behind Chicago

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  1. The MOM said:

    I like the Sunset behind Chicago! A very wonderful photo of the sky saying good night. The clouds, to me, reminds me of the sky just saying goodnight. The day is done and then lowers the shade of darkness to say goodnight. The water with the small waves reflections by the setting sun does draw one in on the beauty of the photo. I enjoyed.

    November 10, 2016

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