Dawn Over Sharpsburg

The title gives away where this image was shot. Sharpsburg, Maryland is a bit weird in that historical sites are right up against private property. While I was on public land at the time the field and the fence were private land but I suspect they were apart of the Battle of Sharpsburg since it just runs all together. I was right up against a barbed wire fence with my tripod shooting over the farms field.

There was much cursing of Adobe with this image because I foolishly updated Photoshop only to discover its Adobe’s brand new version instead of an incremental update. So all my plugins and filters were gone. So I had to save the image as a massive PSD then go back into Photoshop to get all the stuff I needed to complete the image.

Speaking of the image itself this is what I would call a hybrid HDR image. I did create a HDR then I created a non-HDR image. I stacked the photos and aligned them and then let Photoshop do the tone mapping which turned out the way I wanted. That meant I didn’t have to go in and manually mask the images.

I still went back and did a bit of a dodge and burn on area and cleaned up the ever present dust spots in the sky.

Once that was done I did a mask to remove the noise from the image and then did a quick sharpen pass and call it done.


Dawn Over Sharpsburg

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  1. The MOM said:

    Dawn Over Sharpsburg is a breathtaking photo! The photographer captured the beauty of the early morning sky in Sharpsburg. I love his passion for nature reflected in his photos. It is the second best way to enjoy the beauty of this world. I have been through Sharpsburg many times on my way to Hagerstown where my mom was born and to western PA where we lived for awhile. I like rural areas for their peacefulness and natural beauty. I have a copy of the photo to enjoy on my display.

    November 9, 2016

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