Rocky Reflections

I was near Great Falls and off the main C&O Canal path and saw this little pond and reflections. Figured since I hiked into the backcountry I might as well take a picture of it.

One of the interesting things about this stretch of the C&O Canal is that the rocks have been eroded over the millennium so you got a lot of interesting features. I’m not used to giant rocks in the landscape so I had a good time shooting them. The downside is that they tend to reflect light so you really need to pay attention to metering.

I edited this while in Mexico so it’s on my 13″ Macbook Pro screen. It’s always a challenge when you are working with giant files and trying to edit. Still I did the usual routine and dodged and burned then added a few layers for effect.


rock reflections

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  1. The MOM said:

    I enjoyed this photo of the Great Falls area. It reflects a very nice Autumn day. The little creek does not have much water at this time. Summer takes much of the water. If winter is very wet, this creek will be filled and those rocks will erode more. I like rural areas or parks. It is peaceful. Not at all like the city. Nice place to chill on the weekend. I saved my photo for later.

    November 8, 2016

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