The Rush Of Water

I shot this off the C&O Canal Path along the Potomac River near Great Falls. I specifically wandered off the pathway down onto the banks of the river and just setup my tripod for all kinds of shots.

I made my way to this area where the canal had a runoff to the river and I saw this scene I setup for a few shots. I had a polarizing filter on the lens so I was able to slow the shutter down and get the effect of the water like I wanted. I was very happy how the images turned out.

This shot is more or less straight out of the camera with a bit of tweaking here or there. I dodged the waterfall to make it stand out and then burned it down to give it some depth. Sounds weird but when you highlight dodge and then shadow dodge you get the effect. I did that for a few other areas as well.

Once light adjustments were finished I went ahead and ran it through Intensify CK. Found a preset I liked. Masked that in with the water being greatest percentage and then lowered the opacity for the other areas of the image.

Final bit was a quick run through Color Efex to get tones right.

I have been using a Photoshop Action from Jimmy McIntyre to do my sharpening and have been very pleased with it. You can find it here.


Rushing Water

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  1. The MOM said:

    The C&O Canal Path along the Potomac River near Great Falls. The canal runoff to the river is really a strong runoff. The Potomac River is an awesome river. I have seen it in the District of Columbia, Maryland. Virginia and West Virginia. It is fascinating to catch the “soul” of the river in these areas. This run from the Canal to the Potomac River shows a powerful and large river. I remember it well. I enjoyed and have my copy.

    November 6, 2016

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