Shadows Of A Gazebo

In my recent adventures I stated I went to national parks along with regional parks. This was taken at Brookside Gardens when I ventured there for the day.

Normally this gazebo has someone in it so I don’t bother attempt shooting it. The day I went the gardens were empty so I had no problem setting up the shot and taking it.

This image is HDR. It was the first time I attempted one with the Nikon D810 and I could not figure out how to bracket with it. I never really read the manual. So I was manually moving the exposure 2 stops for every shot. I later learned how to bracket.

I used Aurora 2017 to do the processing which I am liking more and more since I can take the images straight into Photoshop. This means no saving a file then opening it again in Photoshop. This improves the workflow tremendously. When I am in Photoshop I can do the extra bits I like and call the image done.



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  1. The MOM said:

    I like the Shadow of the Gazebo at Brookside Gardens. I like the shadows the sun creates, a duplicate for one to walk on while the original gives us shade. I always think of the poem, My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson of the little boy and his shadow. We have so many small happenings that most of us go about our business and never seem to notice. I enjoyed!

    November 6, 2016

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