Tunnel Vision

This is along the Riverwalk in Chicago. I was returning to my hotel and saw this tunnel lit up and I thought it would be a cool shot. I quickly setup my tripod and waited for some people to walk through. I got lucky with these two and fired several frames to make sure I got them where I wanted them. Their motion blur because of the exposure time give it a sense of movement.

Usual edits but I did mask in a HDR layer. Mostly to make the colors and textures in the tunnel pop more. I deliberately made sure the outside where I was shooting from clipped to black for the most part. On the other side you just get a faint outline on where they came from.


Tunnel Vision

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  1. The photos of Chicago you took on your trip have been very interesting and give one insight as to some of the great sights to visit. The waterfront has come a long way since I was there about 15 years ago. I have enjoyed seeing some of Chicago through your photos.