Meander Down The River

This is the Cacapon River located in West Virginia. I shot this a couple months ago when I was there. I was standing on a bridge just outside a town with intermittent traffic going past me wondering why this crazy guy was hunched over a bridge taking pictures of the river.

I was worried about the sky in this one because it’s slightly blown out. There isn’t anything I can do about it because it’s the the sun coming through the clouds. So instead of fighting it I went with it. There are extra bonus points if you can figure out where the power lines used to be in the image.

Editing wise there are 3 different layer masks. I wanted the trees and the river reflection to stand on their own so I basically masked in a clarity and sharpness mask. After that I went and processed the sky. Used a mask that added contrast and clarity and then masked that in lightly. I got more texture out of the sky and I think it looks cool. Finally added a hue/saturation mask along with polarization and contrast corrections and said done.


Cacapon River

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  1. The MOM said:

    I like the photo of the Cacapon River located in West Virginia. Your technical changes mean nothing to me, I go for what it looks like and if it appeals to me. I think we have this photo today because it is the photographer’s birthday and my heart still love WV. There is a connection there. The cloudy, angry looking sky, the sharpness of the trees and the cloud reflection in the water just blend so well together. It is a very nice photo. I kept a copy for my viewer. As far as where the electric lines are located, they are on the left side by the road if memory serves me right.

    October 6, 2016

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