Twinkles In The Night

This is another from Chicago. I was shooting along the river walk along the Chicago River. I published the other side of this a few weeks ago. This is is slightly different as you get more of the city with its buildings behind the bridge giving it a different perspective.

I still like night shots and night photography. While you lose some details the lights in the image are so much brighter and twinkle like stars. It gives an otherwise mundane image a lot more color.

Editing wise I didn’t go too wild. I used a mask to pop the buildings and the bridge. I also used it on the water to give it a bit more clarity and make it stand out. As always I masked out the noise in the sky. Minor contrast adjustment using the Pro Contrast filter in Nik Color Efex and called it a day.


Bridge Over Chicago River

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1 Comment

  1. I like the night shots of the no character tall office buildings. The colors that are reflecting from the lights inside give the buildings some soul. The blue and gold tones that reflect in the water create a warm glow at night. There is even a streak of green in the water from the building lights. It is a fun photo. I enjoyed.