Chicago Lighthouse

I shot this off the Navy Pier when I was in Chicago. I’m going to call this a lighthouse but I have no idea if that is the technical term for it. To me it looks like one so I am going to call it a lighthouse.

It was really nice to edit photos not being jetlagged or using screens that I’m not used to for the first time in a month. I have my 32″ editing monitor and it really spoils me when it comes to doing editing. While I travel with my Wacom tablet and I usually use larger monitors when I can, the 32″ makes editing so much easier.

I felt the 16×9 crop worked better for this image. There was a lot of extra sky and water. I went ahead and added a layer mask once I had the contrast adjusted to where I wanted it. Masked in those bits. I had to go back and do a bit more dodging since the mask darkened things. Finished that and called it done.


Chicago Lighthouse

One thought on “Chicago Lighthouse”

  1. I like your photo of the little light house. I am a curious person and I enjoy your photos so much; I decided to gathered more info on this lighthouse. The little green and white Chicago Harbor Southeast Guide wall light, built in 1938, sits on the end of a pier just south of Navy Pier about a half mile from the Chicago Harbor Lighthouse. It marks the entrance to the Chicago River, which in turn, leads to the Mississippi River. One more learning adventure sparked by a photo the photographer found interesting to share with all. I enjoyed!

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