On To The Gulf

This is another random snap I took while I was in Thailand. I was walking along the beach just killing time and saw the trees framing the view and thought it would make a nice image. Since I had my Canon S100 with me I just grabbed it and fired off the shot.

This is a common scene on the beaches of the Gulf of Thailand. Personally, never rent a jetski in Thailand because scams are so common they make travel advisories about them in most countries foreign affairs offices. You want threats of violence without payment then go ahead and rent one. Think the police are going to help? They are getting a small percentage as they “negotiate” a settlement.

Editing wise I went simple. I’m fighting unexpected jetlag that I thought I had beat but my body had other ideas. So I’m not firing on all cylinders. Plus, the Canon S100 just doesn’t have the pixel density for me to really push the images that much. So I figured I let the image do the talking. I did a minor curves adjustment. Did a bit of a dodge and burn and said done.



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  1. The mom said:

    The water looks inviting. The “water toys” are inviting to a lot of us. I have enjoyed a jet ski ride on Lake Michigan some years ago. It is fun but I prefer a pontoon. Lots of room and just a nice ride and you can fish. Love to fish. The clouds again seem to be your theme when you were near the water. I think Thailand and SW Florida share the same weather in the summer. The wet season, when it rains most days. I enjoyed!

    September 25, 2016

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