Up The Chicago River

I shot this one night while wandering down the Chicago River Walk towards Lake Michigan. In fact, I was walking back to the hotel after shooting for several hours. I wish I had more time to shoot in Chicago but still the images I got are good.

Cityscapes like this can be a bit of pain. The image itself was darker to begin with even with me bumping the ISO in the camera to keep exposure times down. I liked the darker look because it’s all about the twinkle of the building lights.

I did the usual adjustments to get lighting right then masked in some bits to make the buildings pop a bit more. I am really liking Color Efex Pro Contrast to do some subtle color shifts and correct color. Once I had it called it done.



3 thoughts on “Up The Chicago River”

  1. I too think it is a wonderful shot. The high rises along the Michigan River at night with their lights reflecting off the water make for a very pleasant stroll in the evening and a very nice photo.

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