Silver And Gold

This is one of the many bridges over the Chicago River in Chicago. I was on the third level or River Walk as I think it’s called when I took the image. With the light reflections on the water the title came to me while I was editing.

I wanted to bring out the details of the bridge while keeping the water looking good. So did some dodging and burning to various areas to bring it all out. Then I selected a mask that basically punches clarity in an image. I still wanted a bit more so a hue/saturation adjustment and a pro contrast adjustment in Color Efex.



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  1. The mom said:

    Great photo! It really looks like silver and gold. The lights reflects a lot of the gold color to the water. Although there is one small patch of purple, green and of course clear reflection. It is a form of art we never see on our way to somewhere. The water is a looking glass for the sun and the light from man has made to give such a touch of true art. I enjoyed.

    September 20, 2016

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