Ominous Clouds

This was a typical view for me in Panama City when I was shooting there. Nothing but storm clouds rolling in over the city. Coming in from the ocean and then just hanging there over the city.

I debated on doing this one in monochrome but it works as color as you get a bit more separation of the city and a better layered effect creating distinct areas in the image.

I masked in bits here and there to just give the image some pop. Depending on where I masked I changed the percentage based on what I wanted.

With that much clouds I was going to have to use Noiseless Pro to remove some of it while not making it look unnatural. So the final mask. Hit save and was happy.



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  1. The mom said:

    I liked the photo. I agree with the photographer this is better in color than black and white. The color brings out the details of the water with a slight shadow effect from the almost hidden sun. The bridge looks old and has some character. The color modern sky scrapers appear pleasant looking with the slight blue tint and of course, the angry sky threating to rain down on all if it has it’s way. I enjoyed.

    September 19, 2016

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