Keeping Time

I believe on my 5 second search on Google that this is the Wrigley Building in Chicago. I shot it from the third level across the street from my hotel and it was something I saw most days as I was heading off to work.

Post processing this was all about the buildings. I did very little to the base image. It is mostly out of the camera. Since I wanted the buildings to be the focus I used Intensify CK and selected a filter that I liked then brought it back into Photoshop and started masking it in. Then took it into Color Efex and used Pro Contrast to do a bit of color correcting and called it done.


Keeping Time

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  1. The mom said:

    I love the architecture of the Wrigley Building in Chicago. It graces the Sky Line along with the tall soulless modern buildings. The building is not real ornate but the architect it has, gave it a soul when they built it. I did enjoy. Saved a photo.

    September 15, 2016

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