Bubble World

This “bean” as its called is in Millennium Park in Chicago. It’s really called Cloud Gate from what I looked up on the internet. Since I was only a few blocks from Millennium Park I figured why not take the camera down for a bit.

Shooting the bean was a bit of a pain. It’s a popular attraction and people were always around it. Trying to get a decent shot without someone entering the frame in a distracting position was a challenge.

Editing wise I really wanted the sky to be the focal point. So I masked in a layer from Intensify CK. I also popped the buildings a bit to give them some definition. I then ran it through Color Efex to fix some color issues and called it a day.


Bubble World

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  1. The mom said:

    The Bean or the Bubble is really neat! I enlarged your photo to see if I could see you in the photo taking the picture. To me, the image in the bubble appears to imitate the sun and how it cast reflections in water, etc. It is really a neat photo. I saved one for my display. I enjoyed.

    September 14, 2016

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