Spin Me Round

I always wanted to take this photography. I saw one similar shot under different light and thought it was cool. So when I saw the swing ride at the Navy Pier in Chicago I knew I was going to shoot it.

I should also mention that the amusement park is private property. I know this because I was asked for my permit. Didn’t have one obviously but they were very nice about it. Wasn’t told you can’t take the photos, I just needed the permit because I was using a tripod. I explained to the guard why I really had no choice but to use the tripod and he understood but the rules were there. I had no problem with this and he was very helpful in getting me to the Uber area for a pickup since I was done shooting anyways. In all, pleasant encounter by a well trained person not some of the other stuff I have encountered.

Editing wise nothing over the top. I did mask in some bits to bring out the swing details and dodged the swing lights to bring them out a bit more. Other than that straight out of the camera.




  1. The mom said:

    This is a fun photo! Who of us have not enjoyed the many rides an amusement park has offered us over the years. This ride, I believe must be the one you stand up and spin. It is fun. But as we grow older, we are a bit more cautious on what we choose to get on. I did enjoy the photo and it brings back good memories.

    September 13, 2016

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