Stroll Down Michigan Avenue

I shot these as I had to walk to the Apple Store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. I bought another power adapter for my laptop and never checked it to see if it fit. So when I landed and set up my machine I discovered I didn’t have one that fit.

I figured since I was having to take a walk down I might as well bring a camera with me. So I grabbed my Sony RX100M3 and off I went.

I am a very well seasoned traveler so touts and scammers don’t bother me but I was fascinated by how many were on Michigan Avenue. I watched a “homeless” duo do a shift change. The ASPCA and the Humane Society within 20 meters of each other “collecting” donations yet strangely short of credentials except for signs asking for money. The cream of the crop was a fake monk trying to hand out prayer beads for money. Here is a hint if you aren’t familiar with Buddhism. Monk’s only collect alms in the morning and they bring a bowl with them. If a monk approached you at any other time asking for money they are fake. When I pointed out he was fake he quickly moved on.

To further illustrate my point when I was returning to the hotel with my power adapter 6 Chicago officers on bikes rolled. Suddenly the very same people started to have important business elsewhere!

Enjoy the photos.


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  1. The mom said:

    I like your photos of Chicago. Your architecture choice is very nice and I like the reflections the sun was making on the “glass” building that have no charm. The waterway is a great place for tourist to view some of Chicago. The very last photo is strange. Not sure if you created that or the sun played a trick on your camera. I did enjoy.

    September 6, 2016

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