Beam Of Light

I took this in Chicago when I was out on the Navy Pier for the evening. The sun was setting behind me and the light was coming off the building and creating the beam of light type reflection.

The Navy Pier was a great place to shoot and I did enjoy the nice breeze coming off Lake Michigan. I will be really curious what all the shots look like when I start to curate them a bit more. I just liked this one so edited it first.

I edited this one on my 13″ Macbook Pro which makes masking extremely difficult. I did mask in 2 layers, one to bring out details and the other to give it some warmth. I know there is noise in the sky and that’s from it being in the blue color channel. Without my bigger monitor masking it out would have been a nightmare.


Beam of Light

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  1. The photo of “Beacon of Light” created by the reflection of the sun, very cool. The sun loves to have fun making reflections in the water, off the glass and many others items. That light is also reflected in the water. The sky is just starting to call it a night. Very nice photo. I enjoyed!