Rooftop Viewing

I shot this from the top of my hotel while I was in Panama City, Panama. I just set the tripod up as high as I could and pointed the camera in the general direction I wanted.

The one thing I do not like about the Nikon D810 is the fact it doesn’t have a flip screen. This makes some angles a pain to get because you can’t see the screen. The Sony A7R has the D810 for landscapes. It’s why I tend to travel with it more and use the D810 for run and gun stuff or handheld shooting.

Editing again was basic since I was on my Macbook Pro. I hope I removed all the sensor and lens dust.


Rooftop Viewing

One thought on “Rooftop Viewing”

  1. Roof Top view reflect much progress in Panama. The tall buildings seem to touch the angry clouds. It would have been nice to see at least an older building with wonderful architecture in the photo but I am sure they have torn down to make way for progress. I look forward to seeing some photos from Thailand.

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