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When this image goes live I believe I will be in the air heading from South Korea heading to Thailand. Nothing says fun like a 20 hour flight to get to a place. The simple 4 hours to Panama was nothing but a short hop.

I am not sure what part of Panama City , Panama the buildings are in. I was on the waterfront walkway heading towards Casco Viejo and I shot this.

Editing for this is again simple due to limitations of a 13″ monitor. My biggest issue is removing all the sensor and lens dust out of the image and I hope I managed it.


Follow the Shore

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  1. We have enjoyed many wonderful photos of Panama. The contrast between old Panama and modern Panama is progress without charm. Modern buildings are just so cold looking. I like old architecture that has beauty beyond words. Know it cost much more to have beautiful architecture vs. cold modern. Just my opinion. I have enjoyed.