Jungle Path

I am in Chicago this week and I have been photographing a lot and have some pretty amazing shots. I did get asked to leave the amusement park I was shooting at near the Navy Pier because I did not have a permit but it’s been a really great city to photograph and I still have a few more days here!

I am going to stick to Panama stuff this week and and do basic edits. This mainly has to do with me editing on my 13″ Macbook screen which is a nightmare even with everything optimized. So no fancy masking and and I hope I removed all the sensor dust that was on the images.

This was one of the trails in Parque Metropolitano in Panama City, Panama. I hiked the trail with my camera backpack in the heat of the day. I didn’t get a lot of shots I wanted but this one was a good one. It was my first time in a rain forest type jungle and it was hot and humid. I have a new respect for wildlife photographers that stalk the jungles for day looking for a shot.


Jungle Path

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  1. The photo of Panama’s “Jungle Path” as you call your journey taking photos. The paths are great because it is level to walk on and one is very likely to see all kinds of critters that live there. My Husband and I went to the Costa Rica Rain Forest some years back and the wild life was great. I like frogs and it was not disappointing. Lots of little creatures. SW Florida has Ding Darling and the paths through there are so interesting. I enjoyed!

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