The Path

If you are here because you Googled the Rush song with the same name as this photo prepare for disappointment. It’s not related to Rush who are a mighty fine band. It’s just a photo.

This is the C&O Canal in Maryland. I was on Chain Bridge shooting down on the canal. I just liked how the path stood out versus the rest of the scenery so I figured why not get a shot. I did have a few frames with bikers in it but I was shooting on a tripod with slow shutter speed and they just looked like blurred blobs so no bikers.

I didn’t go too wild on the edits this time. In fact, I’m rather tame. I did remove a bunch of stuff floating on the water. Originally I was going to remove every little down and make it smooth but then I realized I am not going to edit for 4 hours doing that. I’m anal retentive but I do have a life. I did bump the saturation in the sky to give the clouds an angry look. Then I made sure the reflection was much more visible. Then dodged the path to make it stand out. I masked in some bits to get the trees a bit more pizazz if you will. I then considered removing more floating bits and finally went hell no and hit save.



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  1. The mom said:

    The photo is really nice. The “Path” reflects a peaceful place to ride your bike or walk. It appears as if it is a hidden gem with all of the green bushes and trees. Your walking taking photos allows your followers to see just what you saw and enjoy. All of the beauty that makes earth our home.

    August 25, 2016

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