Pathway To The Sky

I really wanted this image to work. It’s not anything spectacular. It’s just a pathway out to a pier in Fort Myers, Florida.

This is one of those images that likely should have been tossed but wasn’t because I was invested in it. I also wanted to see what I could get out of it once I started to post process the image. I can honestly say I have never masked in so many layers to get what you see before you. The original image bears no real resemblance to the finished product.

I’d tell you all about the post processing but I can’t. As I indicated I was masking in stuff left and right. I know the final layer I put on it was the vignette just because it felt right in the end. Once I had that I knew I could not do anymore and called it a day.


Pathway to the Sky

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1 Comment

  1. What’s not to like with the photo. The photographer found a path for one to travel to touch the beautiful colors in the setting sun. Everything is perfect for the adventure. I have a photo to enjoy always.