River Canyon

Took this a few weeks back after I discovered I actually live within 10 minutes driving of this view of the Potomac River. I honestly had no idea it was there until I was riding with someone who made a wrong turn and I made a mental note to come back with a camera.

I shot this with my A7R either squeezed through the bridge rails or while fully extended with the tripod at an angle back and me adjusting the lens to clear the rail from showing up in the photo. I really like the colors in the photos and the rocks. The light was perfect with the sun further down the canyon walls and the shadows on bits of the trees. I also got lucky with the sky reflecting on the river below.

There is a lot going on in this image. I masked in a bunch of stuff and I had to make color corrections to the greens and yellows. For some reason HDR loves to turn greens and yellows nuclear. Great if you live in post apocalyptic world but not so much for a normal one. While there is HDR to the image it was just masked in for bits. I know I used several masks to get the bits and pieces the way I wanted it. Some may think that’s cheating. Me? I took the picture so I can make it look the way I want.


Potomac River Canyon

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  1. The mom said:

    I love your photo. I think it is a great photo to close the work week. There is so much to like in the photo. The clouds look a bit like rain but the sun is shining just so to get good cloud reflections on the water. The green moss close to the water looks well nourished from a lot of rain you have had in your area. It is just a great shot of the Potomac that may be a secret to many but by your photo, you have shared your find to all to enjoy. I have my copy.

    August 12, 2016

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