Reflecting On Skies

This is a shot of the C&O Canal that I was fortunate to shoot off a bridge that goes over it. Since I was up higher I was able to get the angle down on the water with my tripod leaning over the bridge or shot through railings. I don’t remember because I had to do it for every shot I took from the bridge.

This was the last edit I did for all the images to be published this week. I always have music on when I do a long edit session. For such a peaceful looking photo I had Rage Against the Machine and Cypress Hill doing Cypress Hill’s – I Could Just Kill A Man. Obviously music does not impact how the images come out.

Editing wise I didn’t go wild. Kept it rather tame and let the image speak for itself. I did pull out a bit more for the reflections. I debated on cleaning up all the little bits in the water but it would take too long and I figured it would look unnatural so I left them.


Reflecting on Skies

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  1. The mom said:

    This is a great shot of the sky’s reflection in the water. At first I though maybe the music got to the photographer because it appears to be a sky shot. I do love the photographer’s photo but do not think I would agree on his choice of music. I enjoyed.

    August 3, 2016

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