Around Matlacha – Part 1

I make my triumphant return and I have edited 3 series and in the process of editing a 4th. It was nice to take a break from editing then come back. I would do the curation then the first round of editing then take a break then come back and do the final bits in Photoshop. Made things much less stressful on my brain and my wrist from editing for hours on end.

This is the first series and I will likely break it up so there isn’t a constant repetition. So one day will be Matlacha followed by something else then return to the series. Just a word of warning with these images. I created a new Photoshop action to do my resizes for me. Since I keep a full resolution image I sharpen that aggressively then remove the sharpening for the resize. However with the new action my muscle memory kept clicking that and going ok, you resized and I forgot to remove the sharpening. So if these images a bit “extra crispy” it’s because of that. If you want to see them in full glory you can always check out my Flickr.

All these images were either shot on my Sony RX100M3 or my Sony A7R.


Matlacha, FloridaMatlacha, FloridaMatlacha, FloridaMatlacha, FloridaMatlacha, FloridaMatlacha, FloridaMatlacha, FloridaMatlacha, Florida


  1. The mom said:

    I love Matlacha! It is funky and fun. The stores have great art and nice jewelry besides many more fun items as hats, etc. Great ice cream and places to eat and places to buy fresh sea food. It is just a wonder place to spend some leisure time and perhaps finding a great bargain. I enjoyed.

    July 6, 2016
    • Thank you. All Matlacha is like that. It’s a very small town so you can see it all on foot.

      July 5, 2016
      • What a pleasure to walk around and capture images from different perspectives. Thank you for sharing your images.

        July 5, 2016
        • Thank you for the comment. I will say, walking in Matlacha in the summer is rough. Better to wait till the winter when its much milder.

          July 6, 2016
          • That heat and humidity can be too much. For in the U.S. it is like Miami Florida in the summer. Brutal.

            July 6, 2016

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