Abstract Flora

Abstract Flora

This set will be a bit more abstract than normal because it’s all about light and shadow. I actually shot this while walking to the little convenience store near my Mom’s house. I took my Sony RX100M3 out with me and just took a bunch of images while walking to and back. I knew what I wanted out of the images when I took them.

Editing wise I went for a mix of monochrome or color based on how the image felt to me. Some looked better in color and others did not. It’s all about the light play in them. When I added the tone curves I tended to crush the blacks to highlight the light effects. Otherwise not much going on editing wise.


DSC05985_ICDSC05994_ICDSC05998_ICDSC06006_ICDSC06019_ICDSC06025_ICAbstract Flora

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  1. Your photos are interesting with the way the light shines through the many different palms. I am not a fan of Palm trees but the reflection of the light through them is fun. The trees, the Banyan tree with the strange root system, I do not understand how it survives but they are huge trees that seem to give life to many bugs and plants. I have a difficult time understanding why any plant/trees grow in the dark sandy soil. Not much to offer but many flowers flourish. I enjoyed.