Summer Blossoms

Not feeling in the mood to edit a landscape I went ahead and fell back to something I can edit in my sleep and without a lot of thought – flowers. I shot these while walking to work and figured I might as well edit them. I am going to do a few series in the upcoming days and I might as well get used to multiple edits, not the flowers require a whole lot of time or effort from me.

For inquiring minds all these were shot on my Canon S100. I really like using a compact for flower photos because you are far more agile with the smaller camera than a DSLR. You can easily put the camera where you want it without a lens hanging off it.

One of the little tricks I have learned with a compact is just put the camera in P mode and let it do its own thing. You get far better pictures out of it because the camera has been programed as a point-and-shoot. The only time you need to override it is when you know the camera isn’t reading the light conditions correctly.

Not much editing wise. A lot of these are straight out of the camera with a bit of sharpening thrown in for fun.


IMG_0987_ICIMG_0990_ICIMG_0993_IC IMG_0995_IC IMG_1000_IC IMG_1005_IC

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  1. The mom said:

    I like the flower power! You have some very pretty flowers growing where you walk to work. I do like flowers very much. I have had to learn all about Zone 10a Tropical to understand what plant could put up with the extreme heat of the summer months. I love lots of color with my different flowers. I don’t know if the photographer took photos of my flower gardens when he was visiting in SW Florida. I hope he did. I have a copy of each of the flowers for my display.! I enjoyed.

    June 25, 2016

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