The Blue Channel

I return to Matlacha, Florida for the image today. I shot this while walking down the main road through Matlacha and just saw the cool blue channel leading out into the Gulf of Mexico.

Nothing special editing again. Still trying to get out of vacation mode and editing anything complex isn’t worth it right now because I’ll obsess over it and then never save it. Easier to stick to simple edits that work and then go from there. So as always a tone curves adjustment and dodge and burn. Then just did a hue/saturation adjustment to make the blues more blue since the Sony A7R loves to shift towards aqua. Then brought down the greens from nuclear to normal. Quick sharpening pass and done!



One thought on “The Blue Channel”

  1. I like the shot of the waterways at Matlacha. I presume it is part of the Golf. Don’t know for sure since we have a river as well as the Gulf. Matlacha is a fun place to visit. It is very slow at this time since the snow bird have gone back home. I enjoyed and saved a photo for my display.

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