Into The Blue Unknown

Into The Blue Unknown

This image is another one from Matlacha, Florida where I did my only daytime photography. The outside temperatures were just too hot to do anything until it cooled off in the evening with the sun starting to set.

I titled this Into the Blue Unknown and it’s all about the clouds which seem common in this part of Florida. As for the unknown portion it’s really the Gulf of Mexico. So it’s not unknown at all. Just sounds more mysterious when you say it’s unknown.

Not much going on here editing wise. I brought out the details in the clouds. Little trick if you want to give your clouds some depth is to dodge the highlights and burn the shadows. Just be careful and go with a light pass and you will give a bit of depth to them. I then smoothed out the water a bit and called it done.


Into The Blue Unknown

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  1. I like Matlacha’s clouds. I am sure you wished that they would have shared some moisture on you while you were taking photos. The Gulf looks nice and calm. Lots of fisherman stand on the bridge and fish. I know the fish come from the Gulf are very good and fresh. I liked the photo and kept a copy for my display. I enjoyed!

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