Clouds Over Matlacha

This is one of the few daytimes shots I have done while I am in Florida. The reason is that the temperatures are only slightly cooler than the surface of the Sun making daytime shoots painful.

This is a little town called Matlacha here in Florida that I have shot before. It’s more a winter down when there are seasonal residents migrate South to the warmer climes. So Matlacha was quiet and I could get shots without worrying about someone walking into my frame or setting up and blocking traffic.

I used a filter to shoot this. Thing it was a 3 stop neutral density to take the light down. Processing was usual then ran some filters. One for the sky and then one for the water. Then did a sharpening pass to bring out the details and called it done.


Clouds Over Matlacha


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  1. I like the photo. Matlacha is a nice place to shop for fun things. A great tourist stop. The clouds pretty much sum up the weather we have in the rainy season. I enjoyed!

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