After The Ceremony

No, I am not becoming a wedding photographer. Bridezilla is a real and out there. I have shot a wedding but it’s not really my thing. I stumbled on to this scene while visiting the National Harbor. This is the dock area outside the Gaylord National. I have seen a few wedding photographers working there and we always give the nod of a fellow photographer and I carefully avoid walking into their shot or acting as a distraction.

This wedding was over by the time I stumbled on to the scene and the hotel staff hadn’t started to break down the setup. Since it was sitting there I figured I might as well get some shots off while it was empty. It turned out pretty well I think.

I will admit that the image out of camera didn’t come out like this. I may have pumped the color up a bit in the sky and then added some texture to the images. Masked that in then loaded one more filter in then masked that bit. One of the things I did different than normal is added sharpening of the resized image. It’s not as aggressive as I do on the full resolution but I was noticing that there was a lack of sharpness on the smaller images. So using a bit of adjustment I found a happy medium that made the image pop and to be blunt print ready if you were inclined.


After The Ceremony

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  1. The mom said:

    I like the photo. That is a very nice place to get married. The sky is just beautiful for the occasion. National Harbor seems to be a great place for many events and activities for the young and the old. I enjoyed.

    June 15, 2016

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