Sea Dragons

These dragon boats were on the docks in Portland, Oregon. You can rent them if you are inclined but these were rented out for an extended period of time. I know this from a sign posted next to them. The other long boats were boring compared to these so I can see why they were rented for extended periods. Why be out on the water in some boring boat when you ran ride a dragon?

I wasn’t sure of the crop on this image and still not 100%. I liked the expansive feeling of the 16×9 but a 1×1 would have isolated the dragon heads better. I admit to really messing with this one to hell and back. Once I had basic edits I started the layer masks in Photoshop. It took for a HDR mask on what I wanted, then I did some detail masking. It’s a bit of this and that at the end of the image but I liked that I brought out the color and detail in the dragon heads without making it look like some nuclear HDR experiment vomited on it.


Sea Dragons

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  1. The mom said:

    I like you dragon boats. The look like they would be fun to ride but I would not want to paddle. Not sure of the paddle in the back of the boat. Does not seem to have a motor. That is a large boat. I enjoyed the dragon adventure.

    June 13, 2016

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