I am always a sucker for escalators coming up from Metro systems and I just happened to be in a place where I could take a shot. I took the Metro into Washington, DC to meet someone for brunch and I had my Nikon D810. So when I was riding up the Dupont Station escalator I reached into my bag and took the shot. The Sigma 24-105 has been temporarily welded to that camera so I knew I could easily get a shot that would look cool in monochrome.

Not much going on here. I did the monochrome conversion in Lightroom instead of using some third party tool. I just wanted to keep it simple and let the image speak for itself. Once I had the image where I wanted it I brought it into Photoshop and did the curves adjustment and then dodged and burned what I wanted in it. Simple and elegant for the image.



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  1. The mom said:

    A cool shot. This staircase looks like the Dupont Circle Metro stop. It is a very steep climb to the top. I love the people that walk these stairs upward. I hear the Metro subway system is working on the rails and trains. Riding Metro is a much easier way to get into and around the DC area. I enjoyed.

    June 11, 2016

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