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This is one from Brookside Gardens. I almost didn’t publish it but I figured why not give it a while and see what I could do. The reason for this is the harsh light. It was shot at like 2 PM with the sun just blazing down. I gave it another try because I really liked the water reflection. I also normally don’t shoot kids in my photos because some parents get a little upset about that. I felt that the Mom and Son added to the image so I didn’t wait for them to leave the small walkway. Plus I figured I was shooting landscape and not people so it wasn’t like I was intentionally pointing the camera at anyone.

Since the light was so harsh I had to put in a ton of graduated filters to get the light to something less than retina searing. Once I had that I started doing a curves adjustment and then the dodge and burn process. Getting various bits tuned down or brightened up based on what I wanted. Then it was work on the reflection time. I put in a graduated filter with dehaze and clarity to bring out details. Then I loaded up Intensify Pro and found a filter I liked then masked that bit in on the water. Then Nik’s Color Efex for a bit more color adjustment. Once I got that turned in I called it done.



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  1. The mom said:

    What is not to like at Brookside Gardens. Those purple flowers are beautiful and the reflections in the water, nature at its finest. Mom and her son are just learning together all about nature. It is a very nice photo. Kept a copy for my viewer.

    June 10, 2016

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