Nestled In The Hills

This is a Portland shot from my balcony in my hotel room. While my view looks ok I was also zoomed out on a 240mm lens. Plus a wee bit of cropping to get some of the extraneous bits out that would ruin the illusion.

No idea why I like the image. I did think it was cool with all the giant pine trees in Portland and people with houses built within them. These were up on a big hill or small mountain. My topographical skills aren’t that hot so work with me on the name. The entire scene with the blue sky behind it and the dark pines and the lights from the buildings just makes it a cool image.

I went low key on this image since it was a 20 second exposure. I did the usual Photoshop stuff then starting bringing in various layer masks from filters I ran. Taking bits here and there.



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  1. The mom said:

    I am amassed you took this photo off your balcony at the hotel. Your view is not limited to what was in front of you, it also caught the image to the side. I love how the houses are nestled in the tiers on the hillside. I am sure these houses were far away from this very large hotel which to me ruins the serenity on the hillside. I love houses surrounds by nature. It is a place to regain your peace after a hectic day. Very nice.

    June 5, 2016

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