Ghost In The Sky

This is another one from Portland and shot from the hotel I was staying at. I would say it was the view from my room but it wasn’t. A group of us were coming in from dinner and a friend invited us up to her room for a nightcap so I took a peek out her balcony and was like I’m taking a picture. Sadly I only had my Sony RX100M3 on me and no tripod but one must adapt. I set the timer on the camera and then set the camera on the balcony railing and held my breath for however long the exposure was going to take. This one was the best so I out of the 8 or so shots I got lucky once.

I will admit that I was shooting the bridge and not the sky. When I loaded the images up for processing I was like; cool! The sky looks freaking amazing with the way the clouds looked. It reminded me of a ghost hence the title.

Post processing wise I filtered this one once I did my base edits. I ran it through Intensify CK and masked in what I wanted and then ran it through Noiseless Pro to get some of the sky noise out in the clouds. I didn’t want to take it all out because you would lose the cool details. I then I brushed in the cleaned up sky and said done.

Full resolution.


Ghost In The Sky


  1. The mom said:

    You are right with the sky. It does look like ghost crossing in the night. The sky always puts on a show and your photo did not let us down. The reflection of the bridge in the water created by the lights is always cool. Just the whole photo with the color, reflection and the ghost crossing in the sky is really a fun photo from a balcony.

    June 2, 2016
  2. Rajiv said:

    What a view!

    June 2, 2016

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