5 Airports and 3 Airlines Later

With my recent travels to the West Coast I had to do some creative flying to get to the various destinations in my itinerary. I flew out of Regan National Airport, laidover in Chicago, flew in and out of Portland, Oregon, in and out in San Diego, and then landed in Baltimore when I got back home. While I didn’t get pictures of all the stops I got a enough with Chicago getting the bulk of the images shot since I was there longer than I anticipated due to mechanical issues with the plane.

The first image was shot on my Canon S100 and the rest were shot on my Nexus 6P. While I had access to the Canon S100 it was just easier to use my phone to take the images. I used Camera FV-5 to take the images since I knew I could get DNG files out of it and give me some latitude to work with.

Whenever you use small sensors to take images there is noise in the image. It’s just the nature of the beast. I tried to keep the editing simple. I think I hit my mojo about halfway through the series but I’m fried from jet lag right now so it’s a bit inconsistent. Still, I liked them and wanted to share.


wet-grey-flying-icflagswaiting to boardloading upsplit viewhard work donethe empty inbetweenwindow view

One thought on “5 Airports and 3 Airlines Later”

  1. Oh the saga of flying. I used to think how great and exciting it was to fly. You fly and you can reach your destination in a third of the time it takes you to go by train or car. Trains are fun but they stop so many times to pick up passengers it isn’t a fast way to travel. The world is so fast now, at least, it seems that way to me. The photos you take is showing us how many small things we miss in our lives and some would say, no big deal, they are not what is important to us. It should, we live in this world and everything has meaning. We, just say, that is the way the world is anymore or was it always that way? Great photos!

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