This Way To Seattle

No idea the name of the bridge. I know there are only a few you can drive across the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon. I shot this a little after 7 in the morning I think but there was hardly any sun showing so I knew it was going to be in monochrome. As for the title of the image, the sign says Seattle.

Did the usual standard editing and then used Tonality CK for my monochrome conversion. I have been going with a clarity filter when I do the conversion. It give the skies a lot of texture that are otherwise not visible It also brought out a lot of the details on the bridge as well.


The Way To Seattle

One thought on “This Way To Seattle”

  1. Your photo is interesting. I like color but found facts or lack of them that drew me in. There are actually 12 bridges that go North to South over the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon. The oldest one, the Hawthorne Bridge (1910), and the newest, the Fremont Bridge (1973) – Interstate 405. I could not find the one you have in your photo. Many of them similar. This will just have to remain a mystery. I enjoyed the photo.

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