Falling Into Dark

Greetings from Mexico! I have finished up my commitments in Portland, Oregon and have now flown down the coast to Mexico.

This is a shot of the Potomac River just as dusk was falling and night was coming up. The bridge in the distance is the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. I was on a pier at the National Harbor and took the shot.

Since the edit is at least 5 or 6 days old I don’t remember all that I did but I do know I put a lot of masks. I really wanted the clouds and water to pop and look cooler.




One thought on “Falling Into Dark”

  1. Very pretty sky. A photo taken of the evening sun setting over a large body of water is a wonderful way to end a day and to think that with our end of a day, on the other side of this wonderful planet we call home, people are starting to stir to start there day with hopefully a beautiful sunrise. I enjoyed.

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