Wave Crashing In

I didn’t plan on showing any of the images I shot in Portland, Oregon just yet I really liked this one so I went ahead and edited it.

This is a shot of some wake coming on on the Willamette River here in Portland. I was out doing a sunrise shoot (no sun). You get very easy access to the river and I was down right on the water. I had my Olympus TG-4 which is waterproof so I just put it down in the water and set the timer for 2 seconds and let it fire. The wave coming in is what I got!

Editing wise not much going on. You can’t do a whole lot with these images out of a small compact camera. I do have Wacom Tablet with me so I did dodge and burn the wave a bit but that was about all.


Full resolution.

Wave Income

4 thoughts on “Wave Crashing In”

  1. I like your photo of the wave coming in. You seem to be almost eye level with that wave and it will crash on you. fun photo. I see L is thinking of the Gulf/beach of the “crashing” waves. Crashing Wave is in the eye of the beholder and you thought it was crashing. I enjoyed!

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