There Be Pirates

I didn’t plan on publishing this image today or even editing it. I was going through the library and saw it and was like cool! There is a pirate ship in front of a giant wheel!

This was another shot from the National Harbor in Maryland. The pirate ship is run by a company called Urban Pirates and you can take cruises along the Potomac River. Apparently they have water cannons on the boat so would make for interesting times if you did the adult cruise which is bring your own grog!

This was a very quick edit. Most of the editing was dodging and burning the trees in the background to bring out some separation. I then just masked in a quick filter from Intensify CK to make the sky wheel and boat pop a bit and called it down.

Full resolution.


There Be Pirates

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  1. I am a bit behind in my comments on the photos. Work and deadlines. I have enjoyed all of the photos from the National Harbor. I was corrected the other day when someone told me the National Harbor is not the Inner Harbor. I have never been to the National Harbor in person but the photos have given me much pleasure of learning just what is at the National Harbor. Wish I could have went there. So many nice photos but I think my favorite, was the man coming out of the ground. That is just cool. I have enjoys.

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